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Therapeutic Technologies
The Dale & Hancock Center utilizes computerized biofeedback that shows exactly how the heart-brain connection works for you. This powerful tool gives you the ability to coordinate the mind and body in a way that relieves emotional burdens, heightens your creativity, and enhances your productivity. This method is useful for... Read More
It Gets Better
When the struggle is yours, and you can’t seem to beat it, it feels like it’s as big as a mountain. Whether you’re dealing with a family conflict, a behavioral problem, substance abuse, mental illness, or some other difficulty, the counselors at The Dale & Hancock Center for Individual and Family Therapy will guide you through the process of healing.  Read More
Art Therapy
Our registered, board certified art therapist uses paintings, drawings, sculptures, and any number of other visual arts to unlock the things that are often hidden, giving us greater insights and clearer focus on the path to healing.  Read More
Your Home
for Healing
  • Therapeutic Technologies
    Science marches on and The Dale & Hancock Center keeps pace. Our understanding of how the mind and body work together has increased by leaps and bounds over the past several years. The connection between your heart and your emotions has become unmistakably clear. LEARN MORE
  • Art Therapy
    From our earliest years, we can recall making images with a pencil or crayon on any smooth surface we could find. The drive toward expressing ourselves through making music, drawing, painting, carving, shaping, photographing, cutting, pasting, and writing seems to be innate in all of us. LEARN MORE
  • Time Honored Methods
    The staff at The Dale & Hancock Center are licensed, trained counselors. Years of experience in the clinical application of psychotherapeutic theory has made them experts in their field. Their ability to help you focus on your particular concern and zero in on a solution is second to none. LEARN MORE


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