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Nutrition and Mental Health: The Direct Correlation
We hear it about it everyday, "You are what you eat".  Is it what we eat or what our bodies absorb from what we eat?  The research never ends, the facts laid out in abundant amounts.  So, why do we continue to eat the way we do knowing it is harmful?  Because it is easy, a quick solution!  

We have grown to gravitate towards whatever is the fastest way to get something done as a society.  Don't let your health - mental and physical go by the wayside.  The idea in your head "I will do better tomorrow, next week, next year" will never happen unless you choose to do better now.  

Here is a MUST WATCH "TEDx Talk" relating to our nutrition and mental health. Take the 18 minutes and watch it, listen, learn a few facts.  

Choose change.  Choose to live a better life - for you and for the people that mean the most. 
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