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A Brittle And Vulnerable Mind

We would like to be your partner and assist you to get through your struggles, and heal from them. With our Time Honored Methods we offer several approaches based on an objective assessment of your needs in conjunction with your goals. Together, we can identify issues, develop plans, and find the best versatile solutions for you that will put you back in charge of your life. Let us help you to regain a sense of well-being and to bring happiness back into your life.

- You may be afraid of flying, or frightened by the thought of disagreeing with others. You don’t need to feel powerless anymore! There is a way to manage your fears and live. 
Change is possible. Let’s make some changes before anxiety breaks you. We can help you to gain control over your fear and find inner peace and confidence.

Pleasure From LifeDo you feel like happiness disappears and sadness is taking over? Does your heart and your whole body ache? Life can be frightening and demanding, and can leave you feeling devastated and helpless, especially when we don’t know where to begin to make changes to feel better. Bring happiness back into your life.

Happily Ever After
- It is very exciting to have someone you love and someone who loves you dearly. However, no matter how nearly perfect you and your partner are for each other, there is quite a bit of adjusting to do. All couples experience a bump in the road. Bring back a special connection with your partner.

Let's stretch and strengthen your mind, find inner peace and confidence. Providing Individual, Couple, and Group Therapy - Dale & Hancock, Your Home For Healing. It Gets Better.  


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