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Not Suffering Enough

Often in my personal and professional life I hear the phrases “Other people have it worse”, “It’s not that bad”, “I’m just having a moment”, “I don’t really have any problems” and “Nothing bad has really happened to me”. After further discussion, we determine while those phrases may be true there is a struggle going on inside needing to be validated and worked through.

We tend to minimize the struggles we have in our own lives for fear of being seen as selfish or silly, convincing ourselves that we should be suffering more to get support or treatment. We have a right and a need to own the pain, sadness, anxiety, grief, etc. within. While others may be going through similar situations and feelings, no one knows the specifics of our experiences and our thoughts. Family members and friends may have trouble understanding what you are going through, therefore may help you downplay or minimize these struggles. Others may see your outward appearance as happy and invalidate your feelings and thoughts whether they intended to or not.

Seeking mental health treatment is not a sign of weakness and not for only those going through a major crisis. Mental health treatment can simply be a prevention effort to prevent further development of mental illnesses or prepare us for the crises that may lie ahead of us. Some may need treatment to coincide with their loved one going through treatment or recovery as it can be taxing at times to care for someone we love with a mental illness. Others may just need an outside opinion from a mental health professional to see what is going on and what to do next.

At the Hancock Center we are here for you regardless of where you at on the spectrum of mental wellness, from needing a check in session with a mental health professional, to needing someone to help you or a loved one through a crisis.

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