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In a nutshell, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps you learn to change your thoughts, feelings and behaviors so you feel better. By targeting your reactions to situations, CBT can help you react more effectively in challenging situations, and even learn to feel better when you are unable to change situations happening around you. GOAL-ORIENTED Unlike a lot of talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy is a problem-solving therapy aimed at helping you achieve your goals. The goals can be... Read More
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One of the most valuable lessons in life I have found is learning the art of active listening. All too often, when people think of being a good communicator, they think of having good verbal skills.  However, much of healthy communication is knowing how to listen … and not just hear!   The first step to being an effective listener is to realize that hearing is not the same thing as listening! Watch out for being so focused on what you ... Read More
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There are many ways to set boundaries. There are the boundaries that people can set with themselves, such as how they cut out bad habits or enforce healthier habits. But setting boundaries isn’t always as cut and dry as people may think. Many boundary-setting scenarios involve setting boundaries relative to other people. In these instances, if you aren’t careful, you may not end up merely setting boundaries for self-care, as much as inadvertently building walls between you... Read More
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