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Body Type and Binge Eating Disorder: Every Body Is Different
There is a misconception that an individual with binge eating disorder has a certain body type.  

Binge eating disorder comes in all body types.  You by no means have to look a certain way to have an eating disorder.  Thinking, “I don’t look sick,” is a great way to convince ourselves we don’t have a problem.  When this happens, we get further and further away from beginning to recover from this illness.

When we begin to realize that the appearance of our bodies has nothing to do with how we are affected by our eating disorder we can see that we may need to get help.  Many people believe that if they don’t look “sick enough” they do not deserve or need treatment.  If you have an eating disorder or are using eating disorder behaviors, you are more than deserving of help.  There is no point you need to reach before treatment options can be put in place.  Early intervention can literally save your life.  Reflect on how your illness makes you feel, not on how it makes you look.  If you are unhappy with that, get help.  You deserve it.

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