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Accept Yourself, Let Go Of Perfection
We live in a culture of perfectionism. Open any women's magazine or watch any TV program and you can't escape the emphasis we put on looking, behaving, and achieving perfectly. 

We've become an intolerant bunch that is quick to judge - ourselves and others - and notice when we don't measure up to the unspoken measuring sticks of beauty, success, talent, and intellect.  

We put the emphasis on doing rather than being, which is where perfectionism likes to live. It lives in the mindset that we have to achieve in order to be worth anything. Perfectionism tells us that we could have done better, we should have done better, there's always more to achieve. Perfectionism says, "rest is lazy" and "mistakes are failures". 

You don't have to swallow what perfectionism is dishing out. Here are a few ways to reject perfections and embrace the real you:
- Done is better than perfect.
- Do it even if others hate it. 
- Let go of the outcome. 

Life is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy the road. Enjoy the bumps along the way. Maybe even take a few detours just for the fun of it. 

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