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Do Not Apologize
While there are indeed worse offenses than declaring an unnecessary apology, what makes the behavior potentially damaging is the cause and effect.  We often state an unnecessary apology out of caring too much what other people think or putting their feelings above our own.  Consequently, others may view constant apologizing as a sense of weakness or lack of confidence.  So, by all means, apologize when it's necessary - but stop saying sorry when you have no reason to. 

Do not apologize for:
  • How you feel
  • For saying "no"
  • For following your own path
  • For your appearance
  • For asking questions
  • For taking alone time
  • For other people's behavior
  • For not responding right away
  • For rightfully being upset
  • For standing your ground
  • For being you
  • For an honest mistake
Some of us are chronic apologizers without even realizing it.  We apologize when it isn't necessary and say "I am sorry" when there is no reason.  Stay true to yourself.  We are here to help. It gets better.

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