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Getting Through Mother's Day

Today, many will go to their favorite social media sites to share pictures and praise for the mothers in their lives. While many others will scroll through or avoid social media flooded with thoughts and feelings of grief, shame, and anger.

Whichever side you are on, we have some tips to help you through Mother’s Day 2018.

For those feeling grief, shame or anger:

- You are not alone! Look up local or online support groups/events to be with those today who know exactly what you are going through 
- Spend the day with family or friends
- Participate in an activity you enjoy
- Visit the graveside or favorite place of your loved one
- Share your favorite memories of loved ones
- Release balloons or sky lanterns to honor loved ones
- Cry if you need to
- Laugh if you want to

For those celebrating:

- Tell your loved one how much you care for and appreciate them 
- Cook a special meal or dessert
- Give them a break from their regular chores of the day
- Make a gift or card 
- Post a special photo to your favorite social media site
- Treat them to their favorite restaurant 
- Purchase a special gift or card

To help those who are feeling grief, shame or anger today due to loss of loved ones, infertilty, and/or lack of healthy relationships:

- Know that regardless of the amount of time lapsed, anniversaries and holidays can resurface past emotions and pain
- Reach out to them, simply to say “I’m here” or “I’m thinking of you today”. Your job is not to heal or cheer them up but to be there if they need you
- If there is a loss, share memories of their loved one, referring to their loved one by name

Do you have a favorite memory or gift?
What about a name of a great support group? Share in the comments below!

Some support groups we suggest:

~ Ashlee Sitze MA, PLPC

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