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Becoming Mentally Stronger
Stress affects people in all different ways – or at least, different people respond to it very differently. For some, it rolls off quickly, and they rebound in a reasonable amount of time. For others, it “sticks” and it takes much longer to recover, if ever. This is because people’s mental “resilience” varies enormously, which itself is based on both genes and environment. For people who aren’t so good at coping with stress, it may be that they’ve never been particularly good at it—or it could be that they were once good, but the losses and blows of life have worn away their resilience over time. Luckily, it’s possible to build that skill back up.

Whatever the reason, the good news is that resilience is in large part learnable. It may take a lot of practice and a number of different strategies (and perhaps work with a psychologist), but it can be improved upon over time. If you’re among the crowd who’s feeling less-than-resilient right now, knowing that you can “grow” your resilience may be the first step in doing so.
  • Stretch your mental muscle
  • Train your mind to see positive and negative
  • Focus on learning
  • Become physically tougher
  • Keep some fuel in the tank
  • Stay social, always
  • Write about yourself
Regaining your psychological resilience can be challenging, but it's worth trying some of these strategies, since resilience is an important trait to have at any point in life.
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